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Two-ingredient mosquito repellent recipe

During the summer, we have to deal with the worst and most boring insects in the world: mosquitoes! To protect your home in a natural and simple way here is an easy recipe that you can prepare at home. Cut the lemon like in the video and put some cloves […]


How to make the famous Swiss roll

The very soft Swiss roll that is prepared very quickly and does not need many ingredients, melts in the mouth with its fantastic taste. Try it and you won’t be disappointed! Ingredients for the Swiss roll: 5 eggs 160 grams of sugar 160 grams of flour 120g chocolate chips 500 […]


Ravioli cookies, you’ve never tried it before

You are used to eating only ravioli pasta, but you will not believe how delicious they are in the form of cookies. They are prepared very easily and quickly, they become soft from the soft dough and have a fantastic taste! Ingredients for ravioli: 1 egg 70 ml of milk […]


Tunnel cake

Have you ever heard of tunnel cake? This is the famous Albanian tunnel cake recipe that will leave your family and friends wondering. Ingredients for the white layer: 6 egg whites 6 spoons of sugar 5 spoons of flour 1/2 cup of coffee oil lemon peel Ingredients for the brown […]


Ice cream cookies, only 3 ingredients

This cookie ice cream is very quick to prepare, is very tasty, and has only three ingredients. Everyone will love this recipe, try it! Ingredients: 400g of whipped cream for cakes 200g of condensed milk Biscuits Preparation: Whip the cream and add the condensed milk. Put the cookies on the […]