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Recipes on how to make waffles at home

Waffles with their unique shape, are ideal to be consumed in the morning by accompanying a variety of ingredients, different fruits, and vegetables. You can eat them salty or sweet and above all they are irresistible. Children are the ones who love them the most. Ingredients: 4 eggs 2 tablespoons […]

Lemon dessert

Lemon dessert

This lemon dessert is so delicious and the smell is fantastic. You will be surprised by the taste, definitely try it! The ingredients: 3 eggs 12 tablespoons of sugar 12 tablespoons of milk 12 tablespoons of sunflower oil 12 tablespoons of type 00 flour 1 lemon pinch of salt (with […]


The best tea against the flu

Do you have a cold, or a sore throat or are you experiencing flu symptoms? We have the best solution for you the perfect tea. As the cold and flu season is approaching and we all sometimes have the flu or a cold, we thought of a recipe that would […]


Hot chocolate with Nutella

This week we have chosen a perfect hot chocolate recipe for you. We for ourselves always enjoy hot drinks in the cold season. This Nutella hot chocolate is quite different from other recipes and much easier to prepare. Ingredients for hot chocolate: 4 cups of milk ½ cup Nutella Sweet […]


Salty Muffins

Salty Muffins are ideal for a quick breakfast with the family you can also serve it with tea as they are very tasty Ingredients for muffins: 2 eggs a glass of yogurt half a glass of oil a pastry, a little salt a piece of grated cheese, two cups of […]