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Lemon dessert

Lemon dessert

This lemon dessert is so delicious and the smell is fantastic. You will be surprised by the taste, definitely try it! The ingredients: 3 eggs 12 tablespoons of sugar 12 tablespoons of milk 12 tablespoons of sunflower oil 12 tablespoons of type 00 flour 1 lemon pinch of salt (with […]


Tunnel cake

Have you ever heard of tunnel cake? This is the famous Albanian tunnel cake recipe that will leave your family and friends wondering. Ingredients for the white layer: 6 egg whites 6 spoons of sugar 5 spoons of flour 1/2 cup of coffee oil lemon peel Ingredients for the brown […]


The original Snickers Cake recipe

Today we will share with you the recipe for the famous Snickers cake, as they prepare it in Kazakhstan, where the recipe came from. It is quite tasty and once you eat it, you will like it very much. We hope that you will like the Snickers cake. Ingredients for […]


Carrot Cake

The traditional carrot cake recipe usually contains many expensive ingredients and is very difficult to prepare. But this classic and easy carrot cake recipe is a completely different dessert. Using a hand blender makes it much easier to blend the carrots with the other ingredients. The dough becomes very soft […]


Paradise cake, the creamiest cake you’ve eaten

This is the creamiest cake you’ve ever eaten. Everyone calls it “Paradise” because every piece you eat is incredibly delicious. Ingredients for the Paradise: 20-25 cookies 500ml cream 220gr condensed milk 1 package gelatin 70gr melted butter Preparation: For the Paradise, press the cookies, mix with the melted butter and […]