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Recipes on how to make waffles at home

Waffles with their unique shape, are ideal to be consumed in the morning by accompanying a variety of ingredients, different fruits, and vegetables. You can eat them salty or sweet and above all they are irresistible. Children are the ones who love them the most. Ingredients: 4 eggs 2 tablespoons […]


How to make the famous Swiss roll

The very soft Swiss roll that is prepared very quickly and does not need many ingredients, melts in the mouth with its fantastic taste. Try it and you won’t be disappointed! Ingredients for the Swiss roll: 5 eggs 160 grams of sugar 160 grams of flour 120g chocolate chips 500 […]


The original Snickers Cake recipe

Today we will share with you the recipe for the famous Snickers cake, as they prepare it in Kazakhstan, where the recipe came from. It is quite tasty and once you eat it, you will like it very much. We hope that you will like the Snickers cake. Ingredients for […]


Carrot Cake

The traditional carrot cake recipe usually contains many expensive ingredients and is very difficult to prepare. But this classic and easy carrot cake recipe is a completely different dessert. Using a hand blender makes it much easier to blend the carrots with the other ingredients. The dough becomes very soft […]


Coconut Cookies

These coconut cookies are incredibly delicious and easy to prepare. They are quick to make and don’t need many ingredients. Ingredients: 2 eggs 100g sugar 100g coconut 100g flour 1 teaspoon of bread yeast Preparation: Mix eggs and sugar first. Add the coconut, flour and yeast. Let the dough rest […]